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Good Samaritan Clinic is the only source of free health and dental care for residents of West Alabama.

Working poor in Alabama who do not receive insurance through their jobs are left without health insurance because they are not provided coverage through the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid. The patients served by Good Samaritan Clinic are in their child rearing years and most of them have children who depend on them to keep the family together and remain employed for income.

Good Samaritan Clinic was founded in 1999 to provide free health care and medical advice to the indigent and uninsured residents of West Alabama. Today we provide referrals to specialty providers and social service agencies to resolve issues associated with living in poverty, and we promote patient health through nutrition and health education & wellness programs. All clients receive the full spectrum of care which we can produce in house or arrange for locally. We do not limit services to any of our clients for any reason. All care is provided by volunteers.

In the seven counties we serve, 62,000 persons live in poverty and more than 42,000 have no health insurance. Good Samaritan Clinic is the only option when these people need non-emergency care. None of our patients are able to pay for the healthcare they need; by giving free care, our program changes lives every day and enables people to return to health and, in many cases, become more productive in their community.


In last two years, we have seen a:

  • 61% increase in visits per patient per year
  • 245% increase in value of medications provided to patients
  • 27% increase in total value of health benefit produced or arranged for
  • 32% increase in number of volunteers…24% increase in value of volunteer time
  • 36% increase in value of care per patient


In 2016, the total value of care we provided or arranged for was $5,402,852, on budget of $247,000…for every $1 we spend, we realize $22 in health value for each patient.

  • Patient Encounters:  2,692…valued at $267,888
  • Referrals:  1,135…valued at $3,405,547
  • Volunteer hours:  10,665…valued at $277,828
  • Patient medications: valued at $1,451,589

Good Samaritan Clinic creates health value for West Alabama:  the average patient receives care valued at $10,061 each year, provided free to the patient. It costs GSC $1,692 to open for one day of patient care, but GSC creates $23,166 of medical and dental care each day it’s open.

Next Steps...

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